Boys run for Ahir Regiment.

Everyone wants to enjoy and live a happy life . But here a community wants to die for it’s nation , their main aim is to serve the country through army says Rao Ajit Singh.

On Sunday a rally was organised by Chhatisa Khap panchayat demanding Ahir Regiment in army. The rally was started from Maharaja Rao Tularam Singh (the hero of 1857 revolt) park near Gulaothi tehsil of Bulandshahr , passing through Ahir villages , it ended in Ismailpur village. Six boys covered 20 Km distance by running continuously.

Most of the young boys of Veer Ahir community after passing 12th start seeking recruitment in army , as they have a strong inclination towards army , because of their warrior community . During this COVID 19 pandemic a lot of politicians wrote letter to Defence Minister Rajnath Singh for the formation of Ahir Regiment in army.

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