Bhinderwale saint or terrorist…?

From June 1st to 8th.. operation Blue Star started in 1984 as this is aniversary week of operation Blue star I’m seeing lot of posts on social media regarding this week in which the handlers are specifically mentioning Indian army as culprit or portraying them as villain of Punjab despite of hinding facts about extremism and it’s peak in Punjab during those days. What attracted my attention more towards this issue is creating a image of Jarnail singh bhinderwale as the one who stood up for them for there rights again hinding truth about his discrimination in Punjab on basis of religion killings of people who didn’t believed in his ideology of Khalistan killing of Nirankari gurus assassination of lala jagat narain ( editor of Punjab Kesari at that time) and many more deadly clash which created a situation of arrest in Punjab in early 80’s. The youth today is very easy target for such people propagating such things using there sentiments against there own country is easiest method to create disturbance in country.

Article By- Rohan Jha

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